Rose City Raid
June 23-24, 2018



Hosted in Portland Oregon, also known as the Rose City, or Beervana, the Rose City Raid is the Portland-areas largest Infinity tournament, and possibly the ONLY official ITS tournament held in a brewery! We will be playing a 32-player, two-day, five-round, ITS format Infinity tournament, at the Lucky Labrador Beer Hall in North West Portland. With easy access to frosty beer mugs and delicious food, this is perhaps one of the most unique tournaments around. Did I mention that there will be amazing prizes?


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Fabulous Prizes

It is our goal to run an event where nobody leaves empty handed, so we've reached out far and wide to a variety of sponsors to provide an impressive amount of prize support. Instead of all of the best prizes being taken by the top players everyone will be given raffle tickets that they can put into the drawing for prizes of their choice. You could very well be headed home with a full table of pre-painted Muse on Minis terrain, or even a coveted S2 commission by none other than the renowned painted and master sculptor Obadiah Hampton. In the end, we will have TONS of prizes!

For the top players however, instead of normal trophies, we've decided that customized beer growlers were far more appropriate for the setting. Finally, everyone will receive a swag bag with goodies and prizes, just for showing up.




Come represent your state at the Rose City Raid. As a Dire States event, we have players coming from all over to show which meta is the best. Is your kung fu better than Oregon's? Well you better come prove it!




Lucky Labrador Beer Hall

This amazing brew pub, located in NE portland is within walking distance to 23rd street shopping, and is easily accessible from hotels in downtown Portland. Equipped with a large event space, it's the perfect place to drink some beers and play Infinity.

Located at 1945 NW Quimby St, Portland, OR 97209


Portland, OR

Portland summers are truly amazing. Bright blue skies with easy views to Mount Hood in most places, Portland is a wonderfully diverse town with plenty fun activities, from it's lush parks, to it's creepy Shanghai tunnels. Portland is home to a whopping 84 breweries in the metro area, and a thriving food scene, so come with an appetite.


Rose City Raid 2018 is SOLD OUT.
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