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OFCC Infinity Events

  • Hilton Vancouver Washington 301 West 6th Street Vancouver, WA, 98660 United States (map)

Ladies and Gentlemen,

The Ordo Fanaticus Club Challenge is fast approaching! This year the event will OFCC will be held from Friday, July 28th to Sunday, July 30th at the Hilton located at 301 W 6th Street in downtown Vancouver, Washington. The Club Challenge will feature two Infinity Events.

The first event is Friday’s Face Punch I.T.S. There will a traditional, 300 point, three game ITS featuring Frontline, Transmission Matrix, and Decapitation. All models must be painted to a three color minimum. 

The second and grand event, is the Infinity Team Challenge. Each team will consist of three players. The players will be able to use a single, 200 point, limited insertion list. A single 4 point Spec Op is needed with each list. All models need to be painted to a three color minimum. 

The Team Challenge is a narrative event. Scoring will be based on sportsmanship, painting, achievements, and theme. The event is going to be different this year a little different this year. 

First, since this is team event, we are encouraging and rewarding team banners, team shirts, and team army displays. Anything that displays your unity will have merit. Bring team patches, dice, smoke templates ……. Don’t let us limit you. Surprise us.

Second, each team is required to bring a table and not just any table. Bring your best painted table. Show off your hobby glory. Not only is there an award for best table from the overall event, but points will be awarded on the quality, theme, and enginuity. Like last year, we want to intrigue and amazing the gamers from other systems with our terrain. 

Infinity is a cooperative game system. We want everybody to have a great time and will be awarding points for sportsmanship with each game. We are playing with toy soldiers. Let’s have fun! 

Since this is a narrative event, we value achievements over wins and loses. Each player will be given a list of goals. There are over thirty. You can only score them once. It is impossible to reach them all. Try your best to complete them all during your five games.

Finally, this is a narrative event. The customized scenarios will be revealed each round. To make things more interesting, as long as your Spec-Op stays alive, he can gain boons off the booty chart. If he dies, he restarts without his gained goods.

And now for Story:

Operation Raindog

<<Dispatch: Intelligence Briefing: Priority Infinity. 

A viral outbreak was detected on the tech-ship, the G. Spencer. Infected personnel became homicidal, highly infectious, and at this point, untreatable. 

To prevent spreading the virus, the ship was purged. 

Naval Intelligence has tracked the source of the infection to a supply shipment from the OFCC Medical Research Facility on Paradiso. All attempts to make contact with facility have failed. 

Your mission is to go the research facility, determine the source of the infection, and locate, and if possible, debrief the project leader, Dr. E. S. Weber.

Eliminate all threats. Consider all subjects hostile. Kill on sight.>>

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