Fabulous Prizes!

One of the big themes I wanted to emphasize with my first big ITS tournament was big prizes! Originialy it was just going to be a few big raffle items, but as I got in contact with more and more sponsors, I went full out and got as many prizes as I could get my hands on. After months of back and forth with dozens of vendors, I've amassed a wealth of prizes for the players at the Rose City Raid.

So what can you expect to have a chance to win?



First of all, the biggest and best prizes have been set aside for raffle. Every player at the Rose City Raid will have a raffle ticket to put in for the drawing of one of four AMAZING prizes. No matter how you do in the game, just by showing up to the event, you could go home with one of these spectacular prizes.


Our first raffle prize is a full table of pre-painted terrain, shipped to your door, by Muse on Minis. Get your urban gaming on!


Next up is a one of a kind, S2 commission (of your choice), by world renowned painter and sculptor, Obadiah Hampton, who rarely does commission work.


Don't miss this 300 point Acontecimento Shock Army, including the ASA Starter Pack, Bagh-Mari Unit box, and the extremely rare Toni Macayana miniature.


Finally, another table of light weight and durable terrain, by our local terrain legend Nathaniel. Battle on Svalarheima and use those terrain rules!


Prize Table

We have a MASSIVE prize table, including gaming mats by, Frontline Gaming, Gamematz, pre-painted terrain kits by Plast Craft Games, Feldherr miniature cases, MDF terrain from Systema Gaming and Impudent Mortal, plus various miniatures, patches, and pins from Corvus Belli and our local game store, Glimpses of Wonder and Warfare. Not to mention a couple things that may have snuck in from my secret stash. :)



But wait, there's more! We have amazing trophies for First, Second, and Third in the ITS championship, Best Table, and Best Appearance. The first place winner will receive a signed ITS Season 9: Treason Event Pack. Best Appearance has a special prize sponsored by Secret Weapon Miniatures, a complete set of their weathering pigments.



Finally, no big ITS tournament would be complete without special event patches! Everyone who shows up will get one of our lovely Drunk Yuan Yuan tournament patches.