Friendly Local Game Stores

Here are a handful of stores in the Portland metro area, as well as northern and central Oregon, which carry Infinity and/or have regular game nights.


Dice Age Games

Dice Age Games in Vancouver offers a large dedicated gaming area for war games, board games, and more! They offer a large inventory, including some older, hard-to-get miniatures.


Fate and Fury Games

Fate and Fury games in Vancouver hosts a weekly Infinity night (on Thursdays), and stocks the latest releases.


Glimpses of Wonder and Warfare

Tucked away in Sherwood, Glimpses of Wonder hosts monthly tournaments (typically the first Saturday each month), as well as a weekly Infinity game night each Tuesday. Glimpses has a considerable Infinity stock, and always has the new releases.


Guardian Games

The largest game store in the Pacific Northwest, Guardian Games is located centrally in Portland and features a large gaming area, complete with a bar, and carries some Infinity miniatures and new releases.


Ordo Fanaticus

Not actually a game store, Ordo Fanaticus is a gaming club in central Portland. They support a wide variety of games and have weekly Infinity, played on Sundays.


Portland Game Store

The modest game shop in North Portland, Portland Game Store hosts a weekly Infinity night on Mondays, and special orders Infinity miniatures with a quick turnaround.


Red Castle Games

The capital of gaming in South East Portland, Red Castle Games hosts weekly Thursday-night Infinity gaming, with a small selection of miniatures, but a large collection of other products.