Rose City Raid
June 27-28, 2020
Portland, Oregon

The Rose City Raid is on it’s way! Celebrating it’s 3rd year, and second as an ITS Satellite, we will be playing 5 rounds of Infinity to determine who is the best in Portland. We are starting with a cap of 40 players, BUT we might be able to open up more spots! So if you don’t get your ticket in time, be sure to get on the wait list!


What To Expect?

Since this is your second year as an ITS Satellite, we want to make Corvus Belli proud! Rose City Raid 2019 had some challenging scenarios and tables, but this year we’re stepping it up a notch by including Soldiers of Fortune! You can expect some great and challenging gaming, as well as drinking and plenty of pizza to go around!

This tournament isn’t for the faint of heart, nor those with weak constitutions. Just like last year, we will be holding the event at the Lucky Labrador Quimby Beer Hall, with our very own bartender, access to great food, and plenty of after-hours drinking!



One of my guiding principles in running the Rose City Raid last year, was to have an epic prize table. This year will be no exception! If I get enough prizes, we will randomly distribute some into peoples swag bags, so you’ll never leave empty handed. Like previous years, the biggest and best prizes will be able to be won by anyone through a raffle, so even if you don’t do well, you could very well go home with something epic.

Just like last year, I’ve commissioned the amazing Obadiah (ITS: Nehemiah) to sculpt an EXCLUSIVE MINIATURE that every participant will receive. Furthermore, we will be making extras, which will be available to purchase when you buy your tickets. Every penny of these additional miniature sales will go right back into the event to buy even more prizes. If you thought the Drunk Yuan Yuan was amazing, you’ll drop your beer when you see this one…

RCR2020 Prize Categories include:

  • 1st/2nd/3rd Place in the ITS Event. Standard for kicking the most butt!

  • Best Painted Army. Spend some times on those models and you may win some extra prizes!

  • Best Table. Bring the most beautiful and creative game table to take home the gold!

  • Best costume. COSTUME?! Whaaaaat? That’s right, lets celebrate 2020 in proper cyberpunk fashion!



We have picked a brutal lineup of missions for you this year, requiring all manner of specialists, anti-personnel weaponry, and some good old fashioned butt-kicking. Finally, while you’re making your lists, don’t forget to bring plenty of multi-terrain should you play on one of the more terrain-oriented tables.

  1. Looting and Sabotaging. Where my D-Charges at?

  2. Show of Force. Don’t forget the TAG (or Drunk Yuan Yuan).

  3. Hunting Party. Stock up on Veteran, Elite, and Headquarters Troops.

  4. Countermeasures. Just take all the specialists.

  5. Biotechvore. Kill things, but don’t forget about those classifieds.

The scenarios have been hand selected to be incredibly challenging, we will be using the Extreme Classified Deck, but we are also using the Soldiers of Fortune ITS Extra, so watch out for those Yuan Yuan…


The Drunk Yuan Yuan

Speaking of Yuan Yuan, you didn’t think I’d forget about the event mascot did you? Since we are using the Soldiers of Fortune ITS extra, every player will have access to Yuan Yuan! Better yet, each player is allowed to substitute a single Yuan Yuan in their army list for the Drunk Yuan Yuan (who will still count against your Yuan Yuan AVA as normal, so you could have 3 regular Yuan Yuan, plus a Drunk Yuan Yuan, from Soldiers of Fortune).


Game Tables and Terrain

Anyone who has followed my blog, The Dice Abide, knows that I’m a fiend for special terrain rules and challenging table set ups. You can expect that there will be plenty of challenging game tables at the event, including several predominantly covered in aquatic, zero-g, jungle or mountainous terrain.


The Obelisk Islands

The most intimidating tables from last year will be coming back again. Battle it out on the Obelisk Islands for control of an abandoned communication site. This table is covered in both Aquatic and Jungle terrain, making maneuvering a challenge. The fastest route from one point to another may not always be what it seems.


Apollo Station

To ensure that there is more than one table with plenty of difficult terrain, I’ve been working with a local artist to produce our very own modular space station table. Produced in high quality MDF, we will likely have a few of these so as many people as possible will experience battles in Zero-G. In space, nobody can hear you drink.

Other Special Terrain

Don’t worry, not every table will be fully enveloped in difficult terrain, but every table will have some element of special terrain in use. Everything from city parks, water fountains, and mountainous buttes, to exotic terrain like Nimbus Zone generators. Be sure to familiarize yourself with the rules for special terrain, because you will be playing with it!

To make life easy, tables will include notes to cover how which special terrain rules the pieces of terrain will follow. Generally speaking, terrain pieces will have a visibility modifier (normal/low/poor/zero visibility), a saturation level (none/low/high saturation), and a movement difficulty (normal/difficult/extremely difficult). There will be a few pieces of terrain which use special rules like Nimbus (such as nimbus zone generators, or space station forcefield doors), and they will be called out in the notes for that table.

Not everyone who is bringing tables will necessarily have special terrain appropriate for it, we will be working hard to make sure we have enough extra stockpiled so that nobody misses out on the special terrain action.


Lucky Labrador Beer Hall

This amazing brew pub, located in NE Portland is within walking distance to 23rd street shopping, and is easily accessible from hotels in downtown Portland. Equipped with a large event space, it's the perfect place to drink some beers and play Infinity.

Located at 1945 NW Quimby St, Portland, OR 97209


Portland, OR

Portland summers are truly amazing. Bright blue skies with easy views to Mount Hood in most places, Portland is a wonderfully diverse town with plenty fun activities, from it's lush parks, to it's creepy Shanghai tunnels. Portland is home to a whopping 84 breweries in the metro area, and a thriving food scene, so come with an appetite.