Pacific Northwest Painting League



We're running an Infinity League, starting in September 2018 and running for about 3 months! It's low pressure, low intensity, and designed to get new people into the game, get the seasoned folks to start new factions, and here's the big one: get all of us to sit down at the hobby station and sling some paint.

The league is going to be geographically concentrated in Portland, Oregon, but we're planning to have participants as far away as Eugene, Oregon and perhaps even Humboldt County, California! Okay, now onto details.

What're We Playing?

Play whatever you want. We're basically not placing any real restrictions on missions, armies, or points. Send all results to There are a few rules though:

  • You can play and report up to two games a month, against another league participant.
  • A report, at minimum, is:
    • Both Army Lists
    • The final score (objective points and army points remainnig)
    • Pictures of your painted armies
    • Full writeups and after-action discussion is encouraged, but we've got painting to do!
  • Your opponent has to write in too, if for no other purpose than to confirm the game score.
  • Stick to a points range from 150 to 400.
  • If you play 150 points, use the Recon+ rules.
  • Feel free to switch armies/sectorials/lists as often as you want.
  • All the models in your list should have a near-done paint job.

A little bit of work left is fine, and if one model is just started, well, we'll all live. Life gets in the way of hobby, we all know that. Use your common sense--the goal of this is to get your army painted to a standard you feel comfortable with, not to rack up internet points.

How Do I Participate?

We're asking participants to throw a few bucks ($5) at participating Friendly Local Game Stores (FLGS) as a one-time registration fee. We'll treat these funds as store credit to get raffle prizes (so everyone has a chance of getting something) and to get the winners some sweet prizes. In some cases we're working with a club or group and not an FLGS, but we've got prize support in place for those situations on a case by case basis.

If you'd like to advertise the league in your store, here's a flyer (click the image for a high-res PDF).

How do you win the league? Well, it's going to be a ladder system at your local store. As you play more seasoned, highly-ranked players and win, you'll climb the ladder at your store. At the end of the league, we'll organize a big throwdown between the top players at each store and crown an overall champion!

Here are the stores/groups that are paticipating so far:

If you'd like your store/club/group to join the league, please write and we'll sort it out.

So, in summary:

  • If your store is participating, add $5 to the store credit raffle prize pool. If not, have your warcor or equivalent reach out to us and we'll sort some arrangement out.
  • Send us the following in an email to
    • Your Name
    • Your ITS Name
    • The store/group which you are affiliated with
  • Play up to 2 games a month, following the rules above, and send us the results at Don't forget, your opponent has to email us too!

We'll run the league, keeping the ladder updated week to week, for 3 months, starting in September 2018 and ending in November, 2018. That's it! Please direct any questions to