Raindog's Rampage

Hey guys, it's almost that time of year! Every December, Eric (AKA Raindog) runs a tournament where the proceeds go to a local charity, this year it's to support the Salvation Army Women's Shelter. So come to Ordo Fanaticus on December 2nd to play some Infinity, drink some beer, and all for a good cause.

Let's Rampage!
Yup, it that time again. I have been holding them for 11 years now. I have run over 15. This year will be an Infinity Event. Yes, there are will still be a Sword as the overall prize.

What is a Rampage?
A Rampage is a celebration of gaming goodness where community and sportsmanship is valued as much as winning. Traditionally, it is the celebration at the end of an Escalation League. Players gather, bring food and drinks, and play games. Somebody wins a sword and we all go out to for beer afterwards.Each year, I select a charity to support. This year, I picked the Women's Shelter. It a homeless shelter downtown off Burnside and Second. I am asking players to bring food stuffs, cash donations, or hygiene products.

When Is this Event?
It is on Saturday, December 2nd. First Round is starts at 10 AM.

WoW, 717 SE Main Street, Portland, Oregon

How Many Games?
There will be four! We will be playing until 7 PM, and then go get dinner and beer afterwards.

200. Each player can have one list. This is not an ITS event. An 4 XP Spec-Op troop may be used!

Do I have to a painted army?
Nope. You can play Silver Surfer, but it certainly helps you win the sword if your faction is painted.

$7 for Ordo Warlords and Emperors,
$10 for Everybody Else

A Sword for the Winner! - Yup a Freakin' Sword!
And there will be other prizes.
Wait and See!

Best General. Best Sportsman. Best Painted. Wooden Spoon!

Number of Slots?
24 Players

Scenarios: TBA


Battle Scores: 40 points max

A major win is worth 5 points (a win by 5 points or more), a minor win is worth 3 points, and a tie is worth two points.

There will be a check list worth an additional 20 points and will be totaled after all four games.

+10 points for bringing dry or canned food or clean bedding (sheets, blankets, pillows, sleeping bags, etc.)


  • +10 Points for Bringing Food to share.
  • +10 Points for Bringing Drinks to Share
  • +5 For bring the best snack!

*Determined by players’ vote. 


  • +10 Points for playing a completely painted and based army.
  • +10 Points for having the best painted army.
  • +5 Points for having the best painted silhouette two model
  • .+5 Points for the TAG, Bike, or Remote.

*Determined by players’ vote.
**Only armies painted by the player can participate.

+10 Points for being voted the favorite player.

*The best sport is determined by player’s vote
**All ties is in placing for Sportsmanship, Generalship, and Painting will be decided by a Lieutenant duel.

Wooden Spoon
This year the Wooden Spoon will be determined by the player who has the lowest ratio of crits compared to their opponents.


0900 Doors Open
0930 Check In
1000 Game One
1145 Lunch
1230 Game Two
1415 Game Three
1600 Vote for your favorite army, food, and drink.
1615 Game Four
1800 Tear Down
1830 Awards
1845 To the Pub

See you there! Let me know if intend on playing. Spots will go quickly.



Details and RSVP here: http://www.ordofanaticus.com/topic/208991-raindogs-rampage/