Week 42 ITS Scenario: Safe Area

Safe Area is one of my favorite scenarios in Infinity. It contains elements found in most other scenarios, and is often my default choice of scenario to play when I don't have another already picked out. The primary means of scoring points in Safe Area is by Dominating Sections, and by Controlling Consoles.

Lets start by talking about how to Dominate Sections. The middle of the board, outside of either players deployment zone, is divided up into four quarters, each 12"x24". To dominate one of these sections, you must have more points than the enemy in that zone at the end of the game. This means units which are still in your deployment zone at the end of the game are not going to be able to contribute towards this goal. If you control the same number of quadrants as your opponent, you each score 3 points, but if you claim more quadrants, you will get 4 points. Additionally, if your Data Tracker is in a zone which you have dominated at the end of the game, you'll score an extra point.


The second means of scoring points is by Controlling Consoles. In the center of each of the table quarters mentioned above there is a Console, to control this console you must have a specialist in contact with it, and no enemy models in contact with it, at the end of the game. There is no dice-rolling to control them, so you don't necessarily need high WIP specialists for this mission, nor do you need to worry about wasting orders failing WIP checks to push the buttons.

Finally, there is a single classified objective, however, you can also use your card for INTELCOM (Support and Control or Interference), which may often be the better idea. If you use it for Support and Control, you will get to add the points in the lower-right corner to your points for determining who controls a single quadrant (though you must have at least one Trooper, in a non-Null state to do this). Alternatively, you can use it in Interference mode, negating the Specialist status of one enemy model in contact with a Console. Using your card for INTELCOM is incredibly flexible, as you can almost certainly deny the enemy a point through Interference, or it can win you the game by helping you Dominate more sections.


Like other missions, being aware of the math is critical. The difference between controlling the same number of quadrants, and controlling more quadrants may look small, only being 1 point different, it's actually the difference between the score being 3-3 and the score being 4-0.  Consoles are good and all, but if you dominate more quadrants, your opponent isn't likely to have a lot of consoles under their possession. Also, always remember INTELCOM, your opponent can use it to steal a quadrant from you, or if the score is close, cost you the possession of a console.

Infiltrating and Airborne Deployment units are your best-friends in Safe Area. They start outside your deployment zone, and if they're a specialist they can hold consoles. Don't rely on them alone though, consider using mobile link teams to secure a quadrant or two, or fast units like motorcycle and remotes which can cover a lot of ground in a few number of orders. If you have the choice between a hard-hitting Infiltrator/AD or a specialist, I would personally lean towards being hard-hitting, your opponent will have a hard time scoring quadrants if they have few models to do it with.