Warcry In July Scenarios!

Now that Wotan has been updated the scenarios are now announced:

We are playing Joint Actions with:

  • Supremacy (Sygtir-2 Version)
  • Firefight (Ilik Version)
  • Highly Classified (Shanqiang Version)

We will not be playing with the Narrative Mode rules. Gravitational Advantage requires the "Zero-G Terrain" rule, and is not granted by Multiterrain. Highly Classified Missions will be drawn by the TO, and all tables will play the same 4 cards, though you will still draw your own personal Classified Objectives for the secondary objective.

The modified versions of these scenarios can be found here: https://wotancdn.warconsole.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/04/Wotan-Phase-2-ENG.pdf

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