Week 3 ITS Scenario: Hunting Party

Hunting Party is one of the most interesting scenarios this season. It has unique scoring parameters that no other scenario uses, and requires using specific classifications of troops to perform the main task.

You are on a mission to Hunt Down the enemy Lieutenant, as well as enemy Specialists. Additionally, you're battling to connect a pair of Antennas, and finally there are two classified objectives.


The deployment zone is the standard 12" on either side of the table, and each Transmission Antenna is placed on the center line, 12" from the table edges. There is no Saturation Zone or Exclusion Zone, so you're free to use any deployment rules you have available.

The primary objective of the scenario is to Hunt Down enemy models. A model will count as Hunted Down if they're Isolated or Immobilized (IMM-1 or IMM-2) at the end of the game, knocking the model unconscious or killing them, does not count. The models you need to hunt down are Enemy Lieutenants and Enemy Specialists, and to help you do this, any model who has any type of Pistol, also gains a Stun Pistol, and the scenario specifically allows the use of Stun ammo on MULTI weapons, this is all helpful because in Hunting Party, Stun Ammo got beefed up and causes IMM-1, instead of Stunned. To make things better, Veteran Troops, Elite Troops, and Headquarter Troops all get free Adhesive Launchers.

To score points in this scenario, you'll get 4 points for Hunting Down the most enemy Lieutenants (there is no Loss of Lieutenant in Hunting Party, and their identity is public information), or 3 points for hunting down the same number of Lieutenants. If you start your Tactical Phase with your Lieutenant in a Null, Isolated, IMM-1 or IMM-2 state, you must then nominate a new Lieutenant.

There are 2 points scored for Hunting Down the most enemy Specialists, but 0 points for hunting down the same number. Keep in mind that the model must be Isolated, IMM-1 or IMM-2 at the end of the game to count as hunted down, so if they're IMM-1 and reset out of it, they will no longer count.

The last 4 points are for connecting the two antennas (1 point each), and two classified objectives (1 point each).

When you're making your list, be sure that you have ample supply of Veteran, Elite, and Headquarters Troops, since they all get free Adhesive Launchers. You'll really want to get the enemy into the Isolated or IMM-2 states, to prevent them from using Reset to escape. Note that Veteran Troops does not mean troops with the Veteran Skill, you're looking for models that have the Veteran, Elite, or Headquarters Troops classification, seen here in the upper-right corner:


That said, troops with the Veteran skill are also highly prized in this scenario, since they cannot be Isolated, so must be attacked with Stun or Adhesive weapons. Similarly, units that come standard with a Stun Pistol, will gain a second one for free (like Warcors), and troops that are Veteran/Elite/Headquarters that have Adhesive Launchers as standard (like Kaplan), will get a second adhesive launcher for free!

There's a lot to keep track of in this scenario, you will need Specialists to accomplish the Classified Objectives and score the Antennas, but you'll also want specific types of troops to Hunt Down enemy models. Don't rely on your free Stun Pistols alone, really look for ways to get those Adhesive Launchers.