Week 2 ITS Scenario: Comms Center

This week we're going to be playing Comms Center, a scenario with diverse win conditions, and a big pile of objectives to battle over.


Lets start by examining the table. We can see that the deployment zones are very standard, 12" deep, and the full width of the table. There is a large area of the board blocked off as an Exclusion Zone, blocking a full third of the table from Infiltrators and Airborne Deployment. Finally, there are a whopping 9 Antennas, which are the primary objective of the scenario.

Scoring in Comms Center is done in several different ways. You can claim 4 Objective Points by Connecting more Antennas than your opponent (2 if you have the same number). If you kill more enemy Specialists, that will get you another 2 points. While you're out killing things, slaying the Designated Target is yet another point, with 2 additional points possible by killing it with your DataTracker. Finally, as if all that wasn't enough, you have a single Classified Objective.

Your strategy to win this scenario needs to be multifaceted, you can't rely on excelling at just one part of the scenario to win the game. Looking at the math, if you have Connected more Antennas than your opponent, then your opponent can still score a possible 6 points. If you want to guarantee victory, you will need to Connect more Antennas, as well as either killing more enemy Specialists, or to kill the enemy Designated Target with your own DataTracker.

When writing your army list, you should really consider what will serve as your DataTracker, it should be fast and durable enough to get to the Designated Target, or have the ability to reliably toss a grenade on its head. You'll also need plenty of Specialists to Connect the Consoles, remember that while there are 9, but you only need to Connect more, not all of them. Finally, while you're keeping track of all that, you need to plan for the Exclusion Zone. Infiltrators and Airborne troops will have a very restricted area on the board which they can deploy on (even troops using AD to drop on the table, not walk on, cannot drop in the center 16" strip of the table).

Comms Center is a unique challenge, it blends scoring objectives with assassinating specific units in your opponent's army. You'll need to have a balanced approach to win.