Prepare for the Rose City Raid


The big event is almost here, only a bit over a week until the Rose City Raid! Let's have a quick talk about what you need to prepare for this unique event.


First of all, make sure you have your necessities! You are coming to play in a 5-round event with two-hour rounds, so be sure you have all the accessories you need to play at a reasonable pace. 

  • Printed copies of both army lists
  • Printed copies of both courtesy lists
  • Dice
  • Tape measure
  • Templates
  • Silhouettes
  • Tokens


Familiarize yourself with the scenarios, better yet, practice them all. Knowing how the scenarios work before you get to the event not only helps you win the games, but it also speeds up the whole process. We are playing these five scenarios:

  1. Transmission Matrix
  2. Looting and Sabotaging
  3. Supremacy
  4. Decapitation
  5. Annihilation

Don't forget details like: Both Transmission Matrix and Supremacy scores every turn. Really take a minute and carefully examine each scenario and how scoring works. All tables will be supplied with objective markers, which are cylinders, and approximately S5, so there will be no ambiguity of objectives blocking LOF or not.



We will be playing at a brewery, with full restaurant. They have a good selection of pizza and sandwiches, as well as plenty of beer to drink. We will have our own bartender in the event hall to make sure your thirst is quenched. We will have 30-minute breaks, but since the first round starts at noon, it may be a good idea to eat beforehand.



The event space does not have it's own parking, however there is a gated public parking lot at the end of the block (at 24th and Quimby), which should be open, though it does cost money to park there. Best bet is if you can get a Lyft or Uber to the event (that way you can drink too), and be sure to carpool if you can.



There aren't any structured after-hours events, but bar is open until midnight! Feel free to hang out afterwards, drink a couple beers, and decompress/smack talk about the day's events.