Tournament Schedule

Since we will be playing at a brewery, the hours may be a little different than what you may be used to. Each round will last 2 hours with a half hour break in between where you can order food and drinks, or just recover from your previous round. If all goes well we should be done in time for dinner! We encourage you to stick around after the event, play some Aristeia!, and socialize.

300 points, Direct Action, No ITS Extras.

June 23rd, Day 1:

  • Registration (11:00 – 11:45)
  • Round 1: Transmission Matrix (12:00 – 14:00)
  • Round 2: Looting and Sabotaging (14:30 – 16:30pm)
  • Round 3: Supremacy (17:00 – 19:00)

June 24th, Day 2:

  • Round 4: Decapitation (12:30 – 14:30)
  • Round 5: Annihilation (15:00 – 17:00)
  • Prizes and Awards (17:15 – 18:00)

Tournament Rules


Don't be a Jerk! This is a fun and casual event, the prizes for the ITS are the lesser prize to the raffle (and maybe a couple special secret prizes), no need to be a jerk. So relax, roll some dice, drink a beer, and buy one for your opponent!

Special Terrain. Some tables will make use of Special Terrain, please familiarize yourself with how it is used. Unless agreed upon by both players, all Special Terrain zones are infinitely high, meaning if you use Jump to move from an area of open terrain to an area of Difficult Terrain, you will stop at the edge as normal, even if the Difficult Terrain is something without height, such as water or beach.

Furthermore, unless agreed upon by both players before a game, terrain elements cannot be moved through, you cannot walk through a tree, just like you cannot walk through a telephone pole or solid wall, unless it is of a height which can be vaulted, or your silhouette can move under.

Note: Hostile Environment rules will not be in effect.

Proxies. Proxies will be allowed in some circumstances. As with previous seasons of ITS, models which lack a miniature or profile can be proxied with a reasonable replacement. In the case of minis which have been discontinued, they can be used as a proxy for another unit, so long as it accurately represents the equipment and capabilities of the model. If in doubt, please email me any questions you have, though for the sake of making things clear for your opponent, if a miniature does exist, you should probably be using the appropriate miniature, or a nice conversion.

  • An example of an acceptable proxy is using a Raiden with Heavy Rocket Launcher as a Ryuken-9 with Heavy Rocket Launcher.

  • An example of an unacceptable proxy is bringing 12 Galwegians and insisting that they're a variety of units and equipment from a totally different army.

Measuring and LOF. Declaration of intent for where a model is going, and the path it is taking, should take place before using a measuring device to see where they end up. LOF can be checked at any time from one location to another, using any game aids that you wish (other than a tape measure, to avoid premeasuring). This really only matters however if you are at risk of an ARO, so feel free to use your discretion with your opponent with regards to intent and movement.

Drinking. Yes, there will be beer present, that's kinda the point, we will even have our own bartender! This is not license to get drunk and out of control. Know yourself and your own tolerance, enjoy your beer, but don't drink the whole keg. There is zero-tolerance for being overly intoxicated. If you appear to be drunk, you will not be allowed to continue to play.

Outside Food and Beverages. We are playing at a brewery and restaurant, not a normal convention center or event space. Outside food and drinks are strictly prohibited. I am personally guilty of sneaking booze into many events, but due to the special nature of this venue, it will not be tolerated, and can get the venue in a TON of legal trouble. We will have our own personal bar tender, so drink the booze provided, instead of the bottle you hid in your bag.

Parking. Parking near the event is limited, so it is best that you park where you are staying and take an Uber, Lyft, yellow cab, or other service to get to the event. This has the added bonus of making it less of an issue for you to drink before, during, and after playing your games. Cheers!

Refunds. All the expenses have been paid, and 100% of the proceeds of the event have been invested back into it (and then some). Because of this, the last day for refunds for the event will be April 30th. If you cannot show up to the event after the refund cut off, please let me know and I will see if I can arrange someone to take your place.